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Every business with an online presence would like to generate targeted traffic to their website. The good news is, that this is very achievable; the bad news is, that it either requires an investment of time or money. Search engines are constantly evolving their algorithms and as a result, they are now much more difficult to manipulate. In 2017 it’s more important than ever to expand your digital horizons, whilst at the same time, focussing on quality instead of quantity.

Create valuable content for your audience, not just advertisements

In 2017 it’s more important than ever to utilise ‘inbound marketing’. The aim should be to position yourself as an ‘industry expert’ or ‘go to’ reference point. This can be achieved by creating how to guides, slide show presentations, video tutorials, infographics and engaging editorial or any other resource that your target audience would find useful. These can then be published on your website and distributed through blogs, social profiles, etc.

The key to success is the quality of your content, it must be unique and it must be engaging. Ask yourself ‘would I share this content?’. Done correctly, this method of inbound marketing will generate direct traffic and also improve your ranking in SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).

Make your SERP listings stand out

One simple way you can get an advantage over the competition is to start fully utilising schema markup or rich snippets. Schema markup enables you to enhance your search engine listings by including additional information e.g. Average ‘star rating’ reviews, time/dates of events, product details/availability/price, local business info, breadcrumbs, etc. These additional eye-catching details can help make your listing stand out from the crowd and improve your ‘click-through-rate’ regardless of your position in the SERPS.

Rich Snippets Example

Make use of paid search marketing

Make use of Google’s Keyword Planner to generate a list of niche, high conversion keywords and long tail phrases that can be used to attract targeted visitors to your website. Integrate these into an Adwords PPC campaign and use this not only to generate traffic, but also to provide valuable data on the keywords that provide the greatest return on investment. These keywords can then be targeted separately using organic SEO or provide inspiration for your content marketing material.

Integrate remarketing to maximise the returns on your hard work and investment

Remarketing enables you to advertise to previous visitors to your website. Why is this so important? Because without it, the investment you have made to get them there in the first place could have been wasted. For example, let’s say you ran a press advertising campaign, that directed prospective customers to your eCommerce website. Mr Jones was one of these customers and he visited your site, but he’s not in a position to buy until pay day at the end of the month. How valuable would it be to be able to advertise specifically to Mr Jones (a warm lead) and ensure that you (and not your competitors) are front of mind when pay day comes around? This is the power of remarketing.

Remarketing example

Make the most of your current customer database

It’s cheaper to generate repeat business than it is to generate new business. With this in mind, you should be maximising your available customer database wherever possible, whether this be through periodic email marketing, cart abandonment reminders, loyalty schemes or new solutions such as Google Adwords Customer Match (which enables you to advertise to current customers in a similar way to remarketing). After all, you can’t get more targeted than somebody that has purchased from you previously.

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