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Sizzle Creative scores NOW TV Esports Industry Awards contract
If you haven’t yet heard of esports or aren’t quite “down with the kids” and think that esports are those annoying Candy Crush requests you get every time you log onto Facebook, think again. Esports is a big deal and it’s only going to get bigger.
In layman’s terms esports (or electronic sports) is when people play video games against each other competitively, it’s the fastest growing spectator sport in the world, attracting massive sponsorship deals and by the end of the 2017 annual revenues are set to top $1B globally. Provisions are in place for competitive video gaming to appear at the 2022 Asian Games with the Olympics to follow suit shortly after.
The NOW TV Esports Industry Awards recognises excellence in esports around the globe in a prestigious ceremony every November. Awards are handed out to the winners of categories such as; 'Best Team', 'Esports Game of the Year' and 'Streaming Platform of the Year'.
We were delighted to be approached by the Esports Industry Awards and have worked closely with the organisation to create solid digital strategy and engaging web platform. A clever JavaScript 'coming soon' count down timer running alongside a targeted social media campaign built intrigue throughout the esports community and drove huge amounts of traffic to the site at 9pm (GMT) on Thursday 20th of April for the live broadcast of the 2017 EIA launch show.

Hosted by OJ Borg and featuring a number of esport figureheads, an embedded Twitch feed allowed gamers around the world to watch, engage, discuss and share the content that was being broadcast in real time and a competition (promoted by the lead sponsor - NOW TV) rallied the audience to nominate their favourite industry nominees through a bespoke voting platform. A surge in web traffic was managed by an elasticated AWS cloud solution, whilst a CDN ensured content remained accessible at all times.
A second broadcast (scheduled for June) will push the next phase of the website live, encompassing a voting platform, live event calendar and a 'Play of the Month' poll. The site's​ content and marketing activities will continue to evolve and grow over the next 7 months, engaging and delivering awareness of the awards ceremony - culminating in a live broadcast of the evening on Monday 13th November.
Esports Industry Awards website
To find out more about the Esports Industry Awards campaign or alternatively if you have a similar project on the horizon that you would like to discuss, please give us a call on 01204 370 742 or fill out a secure contact form - located here.

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