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NowTV Esports Industry Awards 2017


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Founded in 2015, the Esports Industry Awards (EIA) had an 18-month journey to its inaugural event and is dedicated to showcasing top class performance and innovation across esports from, amongst others, the players, teams, media, hardware providers, games, events, and personalities within the scene. Giving credibility to this process was fundamental for all involved and the integrity of every step is closely monitored by our EIA committee.

UX was everything when it came to designing and developing the new EIA digital platform. The client approached Sizzle Creative with clear, focussed brief of "DELIVER MORE NOMINATIONS AND MORE VOTES."

The agency that built the 2016 EIA website delivered a total number of 7,000 nominations/votes during the lead up to last year’s awards. They completely overlooked the importance of providing users with an intuitive platform that provided a quick and simple process for traffic to nominate/vote.

After digging down into the audience’s demographic, it became evident that it was essential to deliver an unsurpassable second screen experience. Gamers will engage through a desktop platform - whether it be whilst they’re gaming or watching broadcasts and simultaneously fall back to their smartphone/tablet to interact with social and 3rd parties. With this in mind we adopted a ‘mobile first’ approach for the vast majority of the site (including nomination/voting processes).

It is now incredibly easy for the audience to engage with EIA. Nominating/voting takes under 30 seconds (whilst still allowing data capture to take place). We’ve also devised and integrated a bespoke social sharing solution which allows converted traffic to easily shout about their nomination or vote, this has lead to huge organic growth amongst other fans of the finalists. The first phase of nominations (industry) delivered 12,639 nominations (dwarfing 2016’s total number of conversions in a 2 month window), but the real success came with the release of the industry finalists.

To coincide with a twitch broadcast that announced the chosen Industry finalists, we created a strategic exposure campaign. This included promotion across all relevant social channels, a detailed online paid campaign (within a limited budget) across Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and Gmail - targeting traffic that had interests relevant to popular esports titles, players, casters and hardware providers. Social packs were also created for each of the finalists - this enabled them to brand their own social profiles with ‘EIA finalist’ messaging and voting call to actions.

In the first 6 weeks since the Industry voting went live, EIA have had an incredible 252,386 votes! On top of the 12k Industry nominations - this represents a massive 3786% increase on 2016 conversions. With a 4 month window until the EIA ceremony, estimations on final figures are to be in the region of 500,000 nominations/votes.

The NOWTV 2017 Esports Industry Awards platform is peerless. It’s enabled the client’s profile and reach to grow at a rate that has far exceeded the client's own forecasts. The EIAs are now seen as a leading global authority when it comes to recognising excellence within esports, creating esports legacy and honouring the industry.

*Percentage increase is compared to data from 2016.

We have been delighted with Sizzle’s strategy, execution and ongoing support for both the development of the NOWTV Esports Industry Awards 2017 website and the accompanying marketing exposure campaign.
Conversions are up a huge 3742% (to date) on last year with over a quarter of a million votes placed so far.

Tom Mercey - EIA Director and Co-Founder